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Round Tables & Gemstone Training

Round Tables

Boston Gems offers more than just gemstones. We offer two platforms to help you sell the gemstones.

A Gemstone Round Table is an opportunity for some of your better customers to sit down with one of the most knowledgeable gemstone dealers in the country and show her favorite gems in a private comfortable environment. It gives the retailer an opportunity to participate by selling their talents as designers, basically building a home for the beautiful gemstone their customer will buy.

This is a way to stimulate your customer’s interest in colored gemstones and custom jewelry work. The possibility of a customer being able to own a one of kind gemstone makes the evening interesting and very profitable.

Why a Round Table?

  • An opportunity for you, your staff and your best customers to sit with one of the most educated gemstone dealers in the country
  • Find out which gemstone inspires your customers
  • Your investment is time and little money
  • The internet is no competition to a relaxed, informed, educated and profitable experience.

For more information on Gemstone Round Tables please call us at 1-800-225-2436.

Gemstone Training

When selling colored stones the three most popular questions that are asked from our customers is:

  1. What is it?
  2. How much is it?
  3. Why is it that much?

Imagine if your sales staff had to answers the these questions with conviction and passion?

Paul Dragone can help you train your staff to understand colored gemstones as more than just gemstones.

Paul offers two very different seminars on Gemstones.

Gemotion is a 2 hour lecture on the power of emotional branding with colored gemstones. This lecture helps your staff understand the difference between the traditional concepts of selling jewelry and the concept of developing a connection between the colored stone and your customer. It is much easier to sell red, blue and green, but now we have so many more colors to choose from to help define your customers needs.
This lecture also focuses on the basics of colored stones.

A Guide to Gemstones is a 4 hour lecture on how color effects you as a buyer, jeweler, and sales person. From A to Z a little bit of everything you should know including the varieties of gemstones available according to price. Understand the difference between hardness and toughness, synthetics, disclosure, folk lore, origins, selling tips.
This is the essential lecture and a must.

Find out how you can work directly with Paul Dragone to make this selling strategy work for you.

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