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Welcome to Boston Gems, a wholesaler of fine colored gemstones operating in the Jeweler’s Exchange Building in downtown Boston for over twenty years.

Boston Gems has an enviable collection of colored stones such as Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, and many more. Boston Gems also specializes in selling the highest quality Moonstone and holds one of the largest collections in the country. Our inventory includes Indian Blue Sheen, Ceylon, Burmese, and African Rainbow Moonstone.

We are committed to providing unmatched service, product, and knowledge to our valued customers. Boston Gems has a commitment to fair trade practices and to disclosing gemstone treatments and enhancements.


What We Offer



Ruby is the red to purplish-red variety of the mineral corundum that has been treasured by people throughout the ages, and has been called the “King of Gems.” Ruby is known as a gem of power and passion.



Moonstone includes several types of the mineral feldspar that show adularescence, which is a glow that seems to hover and move over the top of the stone. This effect is created by light scattering through the different layers of the gem. Moonstone is known as a gem of vision and intuition.



Sapphire is best known as the blue to violet-blue variety of the mineral corundum. However, it comes in a rainbow of colors. Sapphire has been prized as a symbol of wealth and wisdom throughout the ages.

Popular Stones