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Our Team

Paul Dragone, G.G.

Owner and President

Paul has been in the gemstone and jewelry industry for nearly  40 years. His interest began early from owning his first retail  store; but his passion resided in gemstones. 

He holds a Graduate Gemology degree from the Gemological  Institute of America (GIA). This led him to working for a  renowned jewelry manufacturing firm as Director of Gemstone  Operations where he traveled to New York, Thailand, Hong  Kong, and India hand picking and purchasing gemstones. His ultimate dream was to own Boston Gems. After working  there for many years, Paul bought the business. Under his  leadership, he has successfully expanded the business and has  acquired some of the finest gemstones in the industry. Paul loves to educate and assist his clients when they are  selecting their gemstones. His extensive gemstone knowledge  has earned him recognition from vendors and peers alike;  domestically and internationally. 

Paul has been featured on Boston’s Chronicle and has been  published in National Jeweler Magazine for his expansive  collection of Moonstone. 


Trustee: Boston Jewelers Exchange Building and New England  Jewelers Association

Patty Wu

Manager, Gemstone & Diamond Specialist

Patty shares her excellent eye and extensive expertise with our  valued clients who can be assured that their most precious  projects are in good hands. From matching pairs and sets to  finding the perfect size and color, Patty’s talent is paramount. 

Her professional experience began when she entered the jewelry  industry many years ago sorting and matching diamonds for the  largest jewelry manufacturing company in the country at that  time. This is where Patty and Paul began working alongside  each other. Paul later accepted a position at Boston Gems and  urged Patty to join the company knowing that she would be a  great asset. 

Since then, Patty has perfected her gemstone knowledge and  plays a key role in selecting new inventory. Patty is an integral  member of our team; her dedication, hard work and precision  contributes greatly to the company’s success.

Joyce Dragone


Joyce earned her B.S. degree in Business Administration,  concentrating in Accounting. She has various work experience  in the financial industry with Putnam Investments. 

When Paul became President of the company, Joyce was able to  play a vital role as Controller. Maintaining the financial aspect  of the business is invaluable. 

Joyce organizes and works the AGTA Gemfairs in Tucson and  Las Vegas as well as round table events. You will more often  see Joyce in the back office, but she also has expertise assisting  clients in selecting their gemstones. 

Member: WJA, JBT