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National Jeweler – Rocks on: Labradorite

New York–It’s no secret that many lesser-known colored gemstones are starting to have their day in the sun, as gem connoisseurs and even today’s consumers look for something unique and special.

Labradorite, a feldspar mineral of the plagioclase series, is one of those.

Though the stone “has been a bit of a sleeper for the past five years,” Paul Dragone of gemstone supplier Boston Gems told National Jeweler, the “floodgates” for the gemstone opened about three years ago as people began to pull out more of the supplies that had been sitting in warehouses.

National Jeweler – Rocks on: Moonstone’s Rising Star

New York–There’s just something about the shine and play of colors in a moonstone that makes it a perfect fit for fine jewelry, and now that the stone is getting hot, it looks like it will finally have its day in the limelight.

Moonstone’s particular type of shine is created when light falls between the thin, flat layers that comprise the mineral and scatters in many directions, creating a natural phenomenon called adularescence, which also shared by other stones in the feldspar family like labradorite and sunstone.