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Treatment / Enhancement

Many aquas are greenish when they first come out of the ground. To remove the greenish tint the gemstones are heated at very low temperatures to permanently enhance their blue color. If you find an aqua that has the older classic blue/green it is mostly likely not heated. Older blue green aquas are prized by estate jewelry dealers since they are more authentic in their color. Recently there have been synthetic aquamarines which can be easily separated from the genuine by microscopic observation. The synthetics have a ghost pattern of chevron waves throughout the gemstone. Due to easy detection of synthetics there are not a lot in the marketplace.


Aquamarine is a member of the beryl family, the same as emerald.

Aquamarine forms in much larger crystals and is found in more localities than emerald. They traditionally come from Brazil, but are also found in India, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Madagascar, Zambia, and Pakistan.


Aquamarine derives its name from two Latin words – “Aqua” meaning water and “Marine” for the sea. Legend says Neptune, the king of the sea, gave aquamarines as gifts to the mermaids and from then on it has symbolized love to all who have owned it.


Moderate steam and ultrasound are tolerated. Because aquamarines are generally heat treated, it is necessary to avoid high heat.