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Treatment / Enhancement

Most of the same treatments that are being performed on colored gemstones are now being performed on natural diamonds: laser drilling, fracture filling, irradiation, coating, and high pressure high temperature treatments. Treated diamonds usually trade at a significant discount compared to untreated diamonds. Any diamond treatment should be disclosed.


Deep within the earth’s crust, billions of years ago, under incredible pressure and temperature, pure carbon formed into natural diamond. Diamonds are brought closer to the earth’s surface when magma pushes through the soil and cools. Once cooled this material forms kimberlite, which is an indication that diamonds are close at hand.

The first diamonds were discovered in India. It took hundreds of years before other countries like South Africa, Russia, Australia, Brazil, and Canada began diamond mining.


Known as the hardest mineral on earth, diamonds are also the most highly valued of all gemstones. Since ancient times diamonds have been known for their powers of protection, set into breast plates of kings and their royal staffs they were worn to protect and give the wearer courage.

Today diamonds are used as a token of love and commitment because of their strength. So it is not a surprise that it has become the symbol of the unbreakable bonds between two committed people.


The Angolan Civil War brought on new UN trade regulations. Diamonds were being mined in a war zone and funding a civil war. In 1997 the UN put in place the Kimberley Process, which prevents member countries from purchasing Angolan diamonds. It requires companies and countries to certify the origins of diamonds and verify they are mined and sold from conflict free sources. This process aims at preventing “blood diamonds” from entering mainstream markets and assures consumers they are not financing war and human rights abuses. Boston Gems supports and follows the current guidelines of the Kimberley Process. Learn more at: