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Fair Trade

At Boston Gems we take pride not only in the fact that we offer beautiful, well-cut gemstones, but recognize the importance of interacting responsibly with the environment and the workers and suppliers who provide our gemstones. Our approach is multi-pronged: protect the environment, safeguard the workers’ rights, provide customers with as much information about their stones as possible and sell stones with integrity and authenticity.

The Environment

One of the unique characteristics about colored gemstone mining (as opposed to metal or diamond mining) is that it is usually done by hand using small tools like a shovel and basket rather than large land moving equipment. This means the chance of destroying local ecosystems is minimized and there is less negative impact on surrounding local environments. An overriding factor in choosing our suppliers is their dedication to similar principles.

Treatment Disclosure

Although many gemstones are regularly heated or treated in some manner to enhance their color, Boston Gems follows strict guidelines on disclosing all treatments so our clients can make informed decisions. We will only sell gemstones that are treated in a permanent way and that can withstand normal wear and tear.

Fair Worker Practices

Our philosophy is that the individuals who are involved in the processes from taking a gemstone from the earth through final cut and polish be treated fairly and with dignity. To that end, we seek sources that follow humane standards, guidelines and conditions: to treat their workers with respect, pay fair wages, and provide safe, clean working environments.

Chain of Custody

Boston Gems diligently works to ensure our colored gemstones and diamonds are mined, cut and polished from legitimate, ethical sources.